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Pest Control Services Pest Control Services Pest Control Services
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Daily clean is a locally owned company in Pune that provides the best pest control services to the nearby areas of Pune. We have been providing pest control services since 20__. For any pest control requirement, our technicians quickly arrive at your location at the earliest with effective and environment-friendly safe solutions for you. We believe in providing the best protection for your home by providing preventive measures at an affordable price for protecting you against rodents and insects. We offer you total peace of mind related to animal intrusion issues by providing a shield to your home.

We provide a completely pest-free environment for your home or office with the help of a wide variety of capture and extermination services. Our well-experienced staff will analyze your situation of pests in your surroundings and offer you innovative solutions which fulfill your needs. Our professionals target the bulk of problems and the root issue, which eliminates the Pestles and does not let them come back again .

Our mission is to provide you with same-day service and helpful information about your property to tackle the right decision for your house. The household pets are more than just a nuisance - if they are not treated soon, they will be a severe problem that is one of the worst factors for creating an unhygienic environment. Any pests, whether it’s rodents, ants, cockroaches, and any other; these pests, result in various health problems, food contamination, allergies, and damage to your home surfaces. With daily cleaning, you will get the best known and well-trained team of experts who can quickly treat your specific pest control problems. And when your pests are gone, our technicians will further assist you in preventing future issues.

We use a comprehensive and highly efficient system for removing posters from your home or office, known as Integrated Pest Management. With the implementation of IPM, we seek to identify and eliminate the contributing factors necessary for the survival of pest and use multiple strategies with your partnership to manage the pests and get them completely eliminated from your home.

Pest Control Services Pest Control Services Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services Pest Control Services Pest Control Services
Why choose us?

Do you observe that your office property, furniture, and documents are getting destroyed by unseen agents? You have to worry about this because these hidden agents are termites that immediately need attention to save your property from further destruction. The termites or white ants are one of the most potent well-known pests that can ruin everything composed of cellulose. If they are not treated timely, they can cause furthermore extensive damage just slightly and swiftly. But don’t worry when we are here to solve your pest problems. We provide various packages for pest management in your office or house.

One of the all in one packages includes the following services;

  • Anti termite treatment with good disinfects
  • Termite inspection and their monitoring
  • A guarantee period of 2 to 5 years
How does your termite control and treatment service work?
  • Firstly, holes are drilled on the interior of premises and at the juncture of walls and floors.
  • Some of the holes are drilled on the outer side of the walls with 30cm intervals.
  • These holes are poured with termiticide.
  • If the premises are on the ground floor, then partition walls are also treated.
  • If re-infestation is required, the same treatment is performed again.
What are the charges for Pest control service?

The ideal charges for a house or office pest control management range from __to _____.

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